Supernova lightCURVE POPulation Synthesis

The Supernova lightCURVE POPulation Synthesis project combines the BPASSv2 stellar models and the SuperNova Explosion Code (SNEC, to understand the variety of supernova lightcurves that arise from a stellar population. For each paper in the series we release the input and outputs calculated by SNEC as well as summary details of the models. Thus others are able to use our results and calculate new supernova models if desired.

CURVEPOPS1 - including interacting binaries is key to understanding the diversity of type II supernova lightcurves.
[Paper on arxiv] 2018, PASA submitted: Eldridge, Xiao, Stanway, Rodrigues, Guo
[Download models]

CURVEPOPS2 - Validation against supernovae with an observed progenitor.
[Paper on arxiv] 2018, PASA submitted: Eldridge, Guo, Rodrigues, Stanway, Xiao
[Download models]

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